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a writers organization serving Dallas–Fort Worth playwrights by
staging monthly discussion & critique meetings and spotlighting local play readings & submissions.

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Both playwrights and theater fans are welcome to attend our meetings. Playwrights benefit from hearing their scenes read aloud and receiving immediate feedback, while theatre fans have the opportunity to hear and discuss new works. For all the latest news, sign up for our monthly Stage Writers Spotlight.

Upcoming Meeting

Saturday, January 12th @ 1pm

Picasso's Pizza (Bent Tree) | 18160 Dallas Pkwy | Dallas, TX

Playwrights and theatre fans are invited to come together to discuss story ideas, read scenes aloud, and critique each other's new works.

meeting format

MEETING FORMAT: During the first hour, while most of us order food, playwrights are offered a turn to discuss what they are currently writing, planning to write, or struggling to write. During the second hour, we read aloud and critique scenes. If you'd like to have a scene (or ~10 pages) of your script read, then please bring along as many copies as there are speaking characters *plus one*. For example, if your scene/pages have three speaking roles, then please bring (at least) FOUR copies — three for the characters and one for stage directions.

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